Monday, March 27, 2006

Give give give!

Donate to the Christina Noble Children's Foundation for Team Ramrod
Donate to Send a Cow for Team Ramrod

NOTE: Please do NOT use the "PAY ON COMPLETION" option at the justgiving site; trust us that our team intends to do everything in our power to complete this journey, but it is possible that events beyond our control could prevent us from finishing. If worse comes to worse and China decides to turn Kazakhstan (and us with it) into a giant glass lake MAD-style, we would like to think that the poor children of Africa could still get their cow. We are trying to figure out how to get that option removed from the websites, but until then please use the "SPONSOR US NOW" option.

Team Ramrod has taken steps to legitimize itself by securing two methods of contributing to the charitable sponsorship of our little drive. To participate in the rally, we must raise a minimum of 1,000 pounds for the approved charities; 25% of this amount must go to Send a Cow, a charity that provides livestock, training, and advice to poor African farmers. 75% of this amount must go to a charity that benefits Mongolia itself; we have chosen The Christina Noble Children's Foundation, a charity devoted to improving the lot of children primarily in Vietnam and Mongolia.

So, to ensure the donations are spread evenly, we ask you, the reader, to now think of a number from 1-4. Think hard, get it in your head, make sure you have it set and firm in there.

Great! Now, if the number you are thinking of is 3, Please Donate to Send a Cow. If you were thinking of a 1, 2, or 4, please Please donate to The Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

This division is necessary because, even if we raise one million dollars for one of the charities, we still have to make sure we get at least the minimum donation for the other one else we don't get to go.


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