Friday, March 24, 2006


Well, Team Ramrod is officially registered for the rally. The funny thing is that my boss at work will, about twice a year or so, will check in with my plans just because he seems to think I'm going to run off on a whim to join some commune in Alaska or something (and nothing could be farther from the truth, Mr. Jones). So I'm actually filling out the form to register and send payment to the rally organization when he pops his head in my office to see if I have any major plans, long absenses, or changes of lifestyle in the works. But since I had decided not to mention this to my work until the registration process was officially complete (some might say that was backwards, but whatever) and while I'm having this conversation I still haven't seen a confirmation yet, I just sort of shrugged and said I would let him know as soon as I knew of anything, but "no, nothing doing right now, sir." And now I have to find out how to say, "well, there is this one thing this summer . . . ."

But we are in the rally! And for now our primary difficulties become financial and logistical. I guess we don't really get to the fun bit until we hit terra firma in the UK.


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