Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's 10:35 PM in Tashkent right now

Patrick claims we can now post with individual identities, so this is a test. Personally I find his Ayn Randian fantasies of individuality distasteful, but I will attempt to suffer them quietly from here on out. Ayn RAND seems like a weird hybrid parody that someone like me would have explored to the disdain and detriment of all other humans on earth. Whatever. Patrick claims we're going to get into this rally thing, but the mighty voice of cash has yet to speak, so I remain skeptical. Also, an intriguing comment was left on his last post. We shall have to explore this further.

An interesting rally theme idea has presented itself...?
"Oh hell yes dogg right we gonna make the metals kiss and the fuel turn lively"

Over and out.


Blogger Audrey_and_Paul said...

You're in!!! Mazel Tov!!!

Left coast represent!

See you at the start!

I like finishing sentences with unwarranted exclamation marks!


11:29 AM  

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