Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We Missed it! We Made it!

So forgive the post-less window, but there's been a lot of ups and downs here at Ramrod headquarters recently surrounding the status of the team Ramrod's entry into the Mongol Rally. Currently, it appears that the two of us are on to participate this summer!

The story begins a couple of weekends ago, when the registration process was supposed to go live . . . and then takes a break while the registration was delayed, and then delayed again. Teams everywhere were on pins and needles, as the whole idea isn't going to really seem real until you get registered and pay your money and such. But after a couple of cries of 'wolf!' teams received news last weekend that the registration was going to open midday last Monday, UK time - or in the middle of Sunday night, PST. Due to previous registrations being non-events and on assurances that places would be held until late for USA entrants yours truly chose to sleep through the night . . . .

. . . and arrived to work Monday morning to a closed registration page, with the 'oversubscribed' message on the login page. BUT! Although this sounded dire, there was a somewhat cryptic, 'send us an email and we will work it out' message as well. So, I sent the email, and began to wonder what to do if it didn't work out.

Anway, long story short is apparently we sent the email in time and that Justin and I, it would seem, are travelling out of London this summer!


Blogger Audrey_and_Paul said...

Hey there,

I've got my fingers crossed that all is working out. I'm trying to coordinate the American teams - to the extent that we can minimize logistical hassles by working together, how about it?

hope all is well,

4:56 PM  

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