Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hello again

I have negelected this journal of late, but only because my efforts have been focused on Rally preparation. Specifically, figuring out the car registration situation (verdict: doable in one week or less with a non-zero minimum of underhanded chicanery) and getting some of the nuances of the route down in preperation for the first round of visa applications. Tickets to be purchased tommorow, is the plan (for you Americans on the rally following this, not sure if you have noticed but the flight to the UK is likely to be horrifically expensive).

There's been a lot of discussion about music on the forums recently, and on this subject I'm proud to announce that we have just closed a deal with Sonic Youth to have the band follow us on a flat bed truck for the duration of the trip as they compose and perform an epic noise-rock opera in real time chronicaling our journey. It seemed like a longshot at first but I phoned Thurston and he was really enthusiastic about the project from the get-go. This does make the supply train a little bit complicated, however -- apparently, if Kim Gordon doesn't have her special brand of beef jerky available at all times she just freaks out. But I feel the added publicity this lends the team is worth the effort.


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