Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Team Ramrod tours Central Asia

I went to an informational session on travelling in Central Asia last night. It was not particularly informational, more to sell a tour than anything I think. The lady giving it was a tour guide, and had a number of slides of Uzbekistan through to Ashgabat in Turkmenistan. Really only a portion of the Silk Road.

Useful tidbits:
1. Don't drink the milk or eat ice cream
2. She would backpack independently in Uzbekistan, but she knows the language.
3. Turkmenistan looks like Caesar's Palace in Vegas. All white marble, fountains and gold stautes of the president.
4. You're supposed to have a guide in Turkmenistan
5. Supposedly cops leave tourists alone in Uzbekistan and stop all the locals on the roads. Could not confirm how true this was.
6. Garcia's Family Mexican restaurant on 45th is about like any other in its category.


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