Monday, May 22, 2006

Snakes on the Grill

Planning must commence! Now that we've conquered a few trivialities related to rally prep, visas for example, the important issues need to be addressed. And we're going to begin addressing them right now. Yes, we must set up a fundraising event.

This gala will promote the sponsorship of our designated charities who we hope will benefit extensively from our foolhardy quest. Also, attendees might have fun, but our most important goal will be to fake Patrick's death so the Dept. of Defense will not come looking for him while he is 'indisposed overseas'.

Patrick and I don't really plan parties for a living or anything, so suggestions are welcome and encouraged. I imagine we'll provide some music a la Brittain or Handsome International Man, and maybe even American Meat Monsters or god forbid a Xander reunion suicide. Perhaps we'll even debut the new snake man movie. For venues, I think Vladimir Radmanovic's floating pleasure palace is the top choice, so let us know if you have an in there.

You know, we've never actually had a Dune party, and being that this is Baron Harkonnen's first trip to the land of Spices, it might be apropos. Expect me to grow out my eyebrows to support him. Anyway, it will be one hell of a party whatever goes down since we'll be as committed to this event as we were to possibly completing all of our necessary paperwork. Oh yeah, special thanks to Caitlin for the inspirational messages from andrewww.k. on the art of partying. She just might win a free liter of cola.


Blogger Jay said...

i am humbled to be honored for being the apostle of wk.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

this is not jay.

5:54 PM  

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