Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Benefit Show and gathering

Come out to the (southernmost) Cafe Allegro to show your support Team Ramrod's epic quest to reach Monoglia. Cover charge at the door should get a drink discount. All ages, tell your friends!


Blogger marg. said...

right on. k-stan is a fun place... lots of squatting, smoking, littering, and cows. it's actually really fun and beautiful. where in Kazakhstan will you guys be? if you're anywhere near me (almaty oblast) and i'm not busy, i'll arrange to meet up with you. americans are always fun. and it would be fun to meet a friend of sarah's! i can speak russian for you (and ghetto kazakh) and show you some fun sights in the ex-capital. or do some hiking or whatever. lemme know. you can email me at

if you don't, that's cool too. i wish you luck on your travels. there's so much to see and central asia is so UNDER-rated. you guys will have an awesome time!


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