Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's everywhere you want to be, except WaMu

Visa services has again seen the intrepid faces of Patrick and me. While trying to get our Kazakh, Uzbek and Kyrgyz visas, we had a fine experience in the art of making friends. I believe is the most important travel skill when journeying off the beaten path.

Our bizarre travel plans piqued the interest of another traveler who was himself headed to Kyrgystan for some trekking, the source of Kyrgystan's growing fame--that and their potential to be bed-partner in the libidinous warmaking of the Administration(oops, what did I just say?). Patrick gamely engaged him in conversation while I tried to ignore the sixteen clocks on the wall telling me how many buses I was missing not only in Seattle but Copenhagen and Tokyo as well.

This fine gentlemen even offered us a few tips on towing and various other subjects, so it was quite a worthwhile meeting despite its brevity. It is always interesting to see people's reactions when you tell them what a frightfully moronic trip you're planning.

In other news, our Russian visas look really cool. The same cannot be said for the fruity new American money which will get us laughed out of Central Asia should we try to pass it off as real dollars. As far as I'm concerned the switch from pure green and black ink to this mockery marks the death of freedom and the American Way. I suppose there's always the suitcase full of $10,000 bills to really get things moving...


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