Thursday, July 06, 2006

I got a injektshun

I also had a little spat with a pharmacist.

So today I was doing a little vaccination procrastination, all rolling up on shots that won't give me protection until I'm overseas and everything. After learning that I have a 'condition' (injections stimulate my vagus nerve encouraging a drop in blood pressure - I can do nothing), I went to the pharmacy to pick up some meds. One of the boxes contained pills that, as I understood it, were condensed thai food.

I told the pharmacist how awesome that was, and that I love thai food and that will probably really hit the spot after a couple weeks of mystery cuisine. She then got up in my face and was like 'no, these will keep you from getting thai food' and I'm like 'the hell I won't be taking them then' and she's like 'the crap of heck you will' and then we kind of departed from peaceful means of determining that she was wrong.

I don't recall if she slapped me or if I tore up the brochure first, but I punched her monitor and she was fingernails and screaming about the most bizarre of side effects. In the end, Security made it very clear that there were other ways to take the pills. So I guess I'll be finishing the dose over the next week.

Anyone else have 'typhoid' on their to-do list? It's unsettling.


Blogger Kim said...

definitely reminds me of the pre-tanzania day when i went to hall health and they lined up six needles, three per arm, and handed me a can of apple juice so i didn't die. and four prescriptions to take.

awesome! shots = adventure!

2:09 PM  

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