Thursday, July 20, 2006

I went shopping

After a swim and sandwich today, Patrick and I were given a ride by his very generous aunt to cambridge, where we caught the train into london. I astutely directed us to the train where we took our seats, moments before the train departed. I watched it depart with the horrid realization that we were not on it. So we took the slow train on which we were sitting after misinterpreting the platform directions. I was not amused.

We made the city just in time for the banks to close, but Patrick was still able to change some money for the trip. We bopped through Trafalgar Square, since Patrick had yet to see the fountains when they weren't blood-filled (it was an anti-war thing, apparently).

We then strolled down Jermyn street. I made no purchases, since a tailored summer suit probably wouldn't be finished until we'd returned to the states, and the shopkeepers had their shotguns at the ready should I attempt to enter in my ripped shorts and painted tennis shoes.

We did purchase a couple books in the multi-story bookseller on Jermyn, then went to H&M for shorts. I found none, but did get a few other items of minimal importance. We then went to meet up with Newyorkistan. It was after some delay, a stop at Bunker with umlaut over the u, and change of venue, that we were able to sit down at a polish restaurant with Newyorkistan and their entourage.

Before I get too far past Bunker, I'd like to pose a question. You are in a somewhat german-themed, underground pub. You look for the restrooms. You see a door marked 'Herr'. Do you enter?

I won't spoil the quiz, but once inside the restroom, I found sinks with no basins- only a countertop with perforations under the faucets. There were signs which indicated they were automatic taps, but you in fact had to turn them on yourself. It was a strange place. But! It had the only hand drier in England that moved enough air to actually dry your hands. Thank you, Bunker! (with an umlaut)

Back to Newyorkistan...P Han and Roofestan were quite nice. Both different and similar to our expectations, as you might expect. We had an entertaining dinner, and preliminary indications point toward the formation of a convoy. Said wagon train will feature two KEXP bumper stickers, interestingly.

For you blogaholics,here's their link:

And yes, mom, I took my malaria pills.


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