Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm the luckiest guy, etc.

`Cause I got wheels, and you wanna go for a ride...

We picked up the Micra from the shop today, early (for us), which began a long day of last-minute preperation. This involved travelling (by car this time) to the bustling metropolis of Haverhill, where essentials such as fuel cans, tow rope, duct tape, canned meat, and toilet paper were purchased for the journey. As Justin and I are both working on sizeable holes in our key-carrying pockets we got the car keys copied so that we can both lose them at the same time. The Micra drives so well after coming out of the shop (thanks to acorn garage) ... the new tires and alignment, plus the considerably tighter shifting, put the finishing touches on what was already a near-perfect driving experience.

Then we returned home .... and ate possibly the most wonderful meal of our lives courtesy of Pennie and Ron. While it is indeed time for us to leave the nourishing embrace of Hall Farm House, I have to say I will miss it ... we have been treated so well, and if this trip provides nothing else it will have reunited me with the relatives on this side of the pond.

Quick Recap; met up with Newyorkistan last night for polish food, it was awesome! We had so much to talk about that it just came out in little spurts of rapid fire conversation. We of team Ramrod managed to eat burgers, drawing some stares, but it's just really what we wanted! Anyway, this deserves more but I gotta go to bed, so I summarize that it was awesome and this rally is going to be a ton of fun.

Then back to tonight, and packing the car. Nothing puts it all in perspective like trying to cram your spare radiator into the trunk alongside your 25 liter jugs of water. We put stickers on the car as well. Everything fits, we are geared and ready to go, and will leave Great Abington early early tommorow to meet up with the Rally at Hyde Park. Have yet to figure out the text messages but hopefully soon? Check the Team Ramrod page for details.

See you in Mongolia. This could be my last post! (Justin will probably add some photos though).


Blogger Kim said...

i haven't mentioned how earnestly i hope that you continue with the "indie song lyric title of the day" or the ISLTOTD for short (hmm, that's a little unwieldy).

i love you guys. have a rockin' trip, rockinest dudes from seattle! post as much as you can!

ps - i, uh, claim dibs on your books and cds ... y'know, if it comes to that. :)

4:09 PM  
Blogger Kathryn said...

Paul pointed out that this thing is totally about to become Burning Man with the popularity, and that you all are probably doing it the last year it's cool.

Also, Kim, I claim family precedence.

10:38 PM  

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