Thursday, July 13, 2006

A long drive for someone with nothing to talk about....

Tommorow morning, early early, Justin and I board a plane bound for Heathrow airport. Some 16 hours later we will arrive and then look to travel to Kent to meet our car, and the ever-helpful Terry who currently owns it. In some ways our Rally begins then, because we will be immediately set to the roads in a foreign country with no sleep and only the slimmest idea of what in the hell is going on. Much fun!

Things are going well in terms of preparation, apart from STA's apparent misunderstanding of the term 'overnight' to mean 'more than three nights', and the bother of keeping my up-to-now neglected typhoid vaccine cold throughout a transcontinental flight and subsequent overland travel. I have a $25 pair of underwear now ('17 countries, 6 weeks, one pair of underwear' the package claimed in a frightening manner), though, so it should all be okay.

I imagine you will hear from us, gentle reader, sometime after we have arrive in the UK. Stay tuned for news of car registration/insurance/tax, cell phone purchase, and procurement of much needed supplies once we are there.

Oh, Team Ramrod is listed as the fourth highest contributer to the Christina Noble Childrens' Foundation on the Justgiving website. Pat on the back, everyone!


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