Thursday, July 13, 2006

A single Chesterfield wrapped in a page of the Bible

T minus Awesome...

Thanks to everyone for supporting Ramrod! Here is the evidence to support Patrick's claim regarding our fundraising status.

Thanks also to Susan's dad for providing us with tools and suggestions for appeasing the natives when things get out of hand.

Thanks to Susan for helping with everything packing related, as well as picking up our main dietary staples for the trip(Powerbars) and being patient while Caitlin and I reaffirmed the impossibility of conversation.

Speaking of, a huge thanks to Caitlin's old high school boyfriend, and all his love, desire and knowledge of pumping and things that have nothing to do with pumping. Man, your mix tapes are going to keep Patrick and I pumping all the way to Ulan Ude and beyond. Uh, so to speak. And thank you Sarah for managing your embarassment while Caitlin and I brazenly commented on the superior craftsmanship that went into you (yes, Caitlin has punched me), as well as being willing to suffer the porch while giggling buffoons overran your room.

Also a big thanks to the mix maestro, Jay, who still reigns supreme in the fast and lethal underground of the mix tape mailing ring. Here's to keeping your hands for many years to come! Jay also deserves another big thank you, for he has given us an irreplaceable strength on this journey through his recounting of his time under fire in the waning days of the Second World War. Mike, you should definitely record his experiences on tape while we're away.

Tomorrow's the big day. I'll borrow from the stranger (cf The Big Lebowski) to fire up the voyage of destiny...So we go, down through the generations, westward the wagons, across the sands of time, look at me, I'm ramblin' again.

If we fail, do not pity us, we were weak. (scratches mustache) Catch ya further on down the trail.

UPDATE: (This is Patrick now) I would like to thank my sister for putting me onto this crazy venture, Angie and Zayce (I walked over to the cafe after work and said 'is this a good idea' and they said 'YES!' in unison) and everyone from Allegro who keeps me caffinated, Sascha's mad mix-tape-ery, also very much Mike for his support, Mel for taking care of my cat, the benefit show gang, everyone who donated, Terry for his car help, and Jen for her patience. You all rock!!


Blogger Kathryn said...

You're welcome! Man, Mom was so pissed though when she found out it was me.

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