Monday, July 24, 2006

Something bland for the road

Civilization! Thank you, Germany. Finally we get some Mezzo Mix, brotchen (needs an umlaut) and tasty ham and cheese roadside sandwiches. Not to mention beautiful stretches of road. We went to Luxembourg yesterday! Also took the packet to Calais. We're in Prague now, entered the city as the sun set. Absolutely stunning to see the castle with the setting sun behind it. Worth the price of admission so far, and what a price! A couple nights in the car park and a night with friends tonight should hopefully get spending under control soon.

Had a fun time in Prague last night. Ran into a couple of teams we'd met on the road and they helped us party well into the AM. Lumley Run, Obi12Gobi and Smith Monkey provided quite a bit of entertainment and we hopefully will run into them at some point. They're mostly headed south, so who knows when that might be. Prague really has a great vibe at night, it really is more beautiful than most places. I think the riverside bar in Duga Resa beats out the club we visited last night, but it's an entirely different scale in Prague. Dubrovnik has a more relaxed feel, not quite overrun in the same way, so if I was going somewhere to hang out for awhile, that'd be the place but I fear it will end up like Prague soon.

It was funny that the British guys thought it was weird to encounter a drunk american girl spilling her beverage everywhere. They clearly need to attend American colleges. And yes, the Americans we chatted with really had very little sense at all of where Mongolia was.

Learned about the fate of Newyorkistan last night outside the Cafe Dinitz where the party was (yes, there was a cuban band). Hope they get back to driving soon. Would be nice to meet up with them. We appeared to be the only american team in Prague, as we didn't see any people or cars that we knew, but maybe they were hiding. Time to hit the road for Poland.

Onstand summed up a lot of the feeling around here...
" It’s 110°F (43°C) in my office. I’m taking the air temperature with a meat thermometer. I’ll see you when I see you, unless Monday ends casket-style."


Blogger Father Kansas said...

Go Dawgs. The NewYorkistanis are whining about being stuck in the fast lane in traffic. Guess they never drove in New York traffic before. Maybe they should try the 405/520 interchange around 5 pm. Keep the good news coming. Everyone in Oz is rooting for you to make it to the land of the Khan.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

no wonder i picked up an englishman. i was a novelty!

in my apartment last night, it was 90F at 11 pm (so 33C at 23:00 PST). ick.

can't wait to here what it is like in samarqand or almatay! so jealous!

two words: channel challenge!

9:26 AM  

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