Saturday, July 01, 2006

We have energy beans!

Thanks everyone for supporting us at the Benefit show! Special thanks to those who helped (Susan, Kim) and everyone who played. Kudos to Mike for providing dope Mongolwear and to the Allegro for hosting. As for the money...consider it emBEZZled! Naw, it went into the coffers and guess what? We've met the minimum goal for participation on the rally. I encourage those of you who were thinking about contributing to still go ahead and do so, as every additional bit is a wonderful bonus for the charities involved.

As to the title of this post, I just came back from a little preparatory shopping. In addition to the basics like band-aids and Atomoexplosedrine ("Never Sleep Again!!"), I picked up a couple of exotic nutritional energy products. I figure after a week of not being able to ask for food, a shot of electrolytic slurry might be just the thing to reactivate our cell processes. The standout amongst these new items is something called 'energy beans'.

Apparently an attempt by a certain confectionary conglomerate to legitimize the consumption of sweets, I am suspicious as to both utility and flavor of these brightly colored athletic nuggets. Well, a little niacinimidic citrate suspended in carnauba wax probably can't hurt every now and then, I suppose. If you're interested in learning more, there is a tour of the factory available. Try calling 800-JB-BEANS.

I also screwed up while checking out, persistently rebuffing the attempts of the Russian-speaking checkout clerk to learn more about our journey. Some men will always be stupid, as the saying goes.


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