Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Faith in humanity?

10 hour Russian border crossing, including P providing soundtrack to perfunctory search of vehicles at guard request and Cyrus pantomiming that I was a geek in response to questions regarding my employment. After a few hours sleep in a field, we encountered a bit of that adversity. Patrick tried to break up a fight between his knife and a watermelon and as a result got cut. This unfortunately required me to wake up in order to help him. We gave him 15 Advil and a Red Bull IV and he seems fine now(really).

The Micra then helpfully turned 2 unwieldy springs into about 6 more conveniently-sized bits. We limped 200km to Barnaul and found a dealership that refused to help us. However, one of the mechanics approached us. He had helped a team last year. He found a friend with a spring and changed one for us. While working, he told us about his faith being orthodox. He refused payment for his help. I knew he wouldn’t accept and was embarrassed to offer him money, but it would have been wrong not to. Amazing that amongst all the people in it for themselves here that someone was still willing to do their good deed. We found another spring this morning and got it replaced so we’re rolling again. After the first fix, the front right of the car was jacked really high. Very cool, earned lots of stares and the name ‘Easy Rider’ briefly.

The car also get referred to as the Passion Wagon due to its magical backseat, which is the best dozing spot in the entire convoy apparently. Secretly, P and I are pumping exhaust fumes back there so we don’t have to listen to the Her Majesty this and that’s from our Rule Britainnia comrades.

Now, springs are one thing, but lack of music can be a rally ender. Cassette player no longer works and cigarette lighter just died, but ramrod refuses to stop.


Blogger Father Kansas said...

God Save the Queen! Oh, yeah, and the Micra's suspension. Keep on trucking, Ramrod.

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