Sunday, August 20, 2006

Patrick talks like an English person now

Last night we gathered at Dave's Place, planning to head out for dinner and then return for a last party. My chance to shower came later, and by the time I arrived, dinner had begun at Dave's. It was unfortunately too late by then for Cory to join us. Fatigue began to set in amongst some of the group, especially those leaving for the airport a few hours later. This essentially broke up the evening's events, so we gathered for a little while in the hotel to collect pictures.

After a trip like this, no one really knew how to say farewell. The brits have some advantage in that they see each other occasionally. Most of the convoy has now gone their own way, hopping aboard their flight to Moscow early this morning. Patrick and I will be around with Yvonne (who received a clean bill of health today) and Ian for a couple days. The events here now seem so distanced from the rally however. No real way to link the city experience with the constant driving of the last month. Most appropriate Kerouac quote in the comments section below.

Here's another selection of pictures, after much painfully slow internet time.


Proper rally-driving in Kazakhstan.

Farewell to the Mini.

Roadside party.

Signal mirror fashion accessory actually came in quite handy when the Micra clutch got hot and unhappy.

Heat destroys a well-travelled pair of boots.


Americans with Margaret's host mother. (P, J, Margaret, Tom, Joy, and Megan)

The convoy before leaving Margaret's. (L to R: Yvonne, Ian, James, Tom, Patrick, Cyrus, Tim, Justin, Ben)


All springs repaired, the holy spring features in this shot.

Siberian roadside fuel tank repair.

Above Lake Baikal


Farewell to Jemima, the other Micra.


Blogger Angela said...

Wow! These photos are like food to the starving for the armchair crowd back home. Thanks for taking the time to put them up. Victory shot on top of the car is perfect!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Kathryn said...

Hey, if you guys need picked up from the airport, I'm available.

12:32 PM  

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