Friday, August 25, 2006

Team Ramrod circumnavigates the globe

Team Ramrod landed in Seattle about 5 PM Thursday evening, completing their round-the-world journey. Preliminary reports indicate that they enjoyed themselves on their circumnavigation, but are pleased to be back in the US. Total time spent talking with customs agents - 1 minute. Amazing.

Our other top story concerns the final voyage of Lucas Speedlimit's Micra. Before departing early Wednesday morning, Ian and Yvonne entrusted it to Patrick and Justin.
After a lunch at Dave's, one of his staff was wrangled into helping find a tow truck. After some negotiations with the traffic police, he flagged down their tow truck. It had a winch, which made getting the car up far easier than previous attempts on the smaller trucks.

Once up, it almost appeared to be a waveoff, since the police were demanding 100 bucks. Locals helped get the price down to 50000 tugrug. Here's the car being loaded.
Patrick got in to help direct the tow drivers find the place and off they went. Having no chance to follow along, I went and got in touch with Cory so we could meet up that night, and then spoke with the British embassy regarding the resolution of the accident. I also spoke some with rally Tom, and he is hoping to get the fine reduced to something less preposterous. Let's hope something good comes out of his efforts.

Here is the Nissan at Nairaamdal, where it will finish out its life.

It's official, the stamped car passport for Lucas Speedlimit.

9 people and the 3 cars all reached Ulan Bataar in the end. So it was promised, so it was done, albeit not necessarily according to plan. After the Micra had been deposited at the final dropoff, Ramrod spent the afternoon sharing stories with other ralliers, and then Cory and his wife swung by for a final get together. Huge thanks to them for what they did and for fielding the onslaught of calls from my frantic family.

Afterwards, P and J collected their bags and headed for the airport. Shared the flight to Seoul with Bonkers Bovine. Then the long flight to Los Angeles and the quicker jaunt up to Seattle brought the trip to a close.

Triumph, part two!


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