Saturday, September 02, 2006


I have a flickr account now and have uploaded some of the photos. These are just from my camera and start after Volgograd and continue to the end (although I ran out of batteries around that time and soon lacked the car in which to charge them). More to come!


Blogger tinytim said...

yo yo yo jwood an patrice! how the devil are you? in case your wondering its tiny here,finally got to some internet that i dont have to paythrough the teeth for and thought i would finally try and catch up with you big bastards (all meant in finest british endearing terms of course). If my spelling goes wayward it is because i am in an internet cafe in holland and it aint just cigarettes being smoked here! so cool to hear about the last days of speedlimits micra,at least it made it! anyhow i maywellhave left your email addresses on a piece of paper that got stored in the big round filing cabinet (bin) so ping us an email when you get a chance to . laters boys

Timbo "i love tuna pot" alexander

p.s. did jwood have a job and a house when he got back?

3:57 AM  

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